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Three Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

There are a few oral health abnormalities as painful for patients as impacted wisdom teeth. Understanding the signs of impacted wisdom teeth can help you know when to get proper dental help. It is also possible to detect impacted wisdom teeth early through regular dental checkups and a panelipse x-rays.


Jaw Pain

Even wisdom teeth that erupt into a straight, working formation may cause problems. Often, these teeth are located so far in the back of the mouth that they are difficult to keep clean and free of bacteria and plaque. These teeth are more prone to decay and gum diseases. Another common problem that can develop is the cheek being caught between these teeth. The patient will often startle when they bite themselves. Not all pain in the back of the mouth is caused by wisdom teeth. A thorough exam is needed in order to diagnose what is the source of your pain.


Swollen Gum

Sometimes wisdom teeth can become impacted. In this case, they are blocked from coming up through the gums by the jawbone or other teeth. Cysts, or pockets of fluid, can form around the tooth, and in some rare cases this can even lead to tumors. As the roots of the teeth lengthen and take greater hold, it's more likely that wisdom teeth swelling will become a problem. For wisdom teeth swelling caused or exacerbated by pieces of food lodged in the area, rinsing the mouth out with salt water or an oral rinse recommended by your dentist can remove trapped food and clean the area, allowing your body to reduce swelling and pain.


Foul Breath

As the wisdom teeth become trapped with their roots continue to elongate, and the longer they remain impacted, the more likely they are to cause problems for your oral and general health. Wisdom teeth symptoms due to impaction include severe pain at the back of the mouth, infection, and other complications. Foul breath, bad taste upon chewing food, redness and swelling can be damaging signs of infection. If left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can breed cysts and, in rare cases, tumors.

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