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The Ultimate Elimination of Snoring is the CPAP

Snoring can be a major inconvenience for an individual and those who share the bedroom with them! More than just an inconvenience, however, it could be a medical condition called Sleep Apnea.

Sleep apnea is no joke because it may pose serious risks to an individual’s health. The definition of the disorder is based on a pattern of sleep which becomes broken up by the random pauses in one’s breathing. some of the particular pauses can actually last up to a 30 second duration, and in some instances even longer.

These events of sleep apnea can be activated in a person up to an astounding 100 times in a single night. Besides the drastic health effects, it can also create serious sleep issues and virtually ruin a night’s sleep, leaving the individual constantly exhausted. If the disorder is ignored, the damage could be life threatening.

Is CPAP the Right Choice?

CPAP is a machine that rests beside the bed and attaches to a mask the individual wears while sleeping. The attributes of the CPAP machine are astounding, as it enables the opening of airways to deliver air that steadily flows perfectly inside the user. This may seem drastic, however, those who start using this machine experience a deeper, more fulfilling sleep than ever before. The sound of the machine can act like “white noise” and be a calming hum in the room.

If your snoring is bothering you and your loved ones, talk to us about options.

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