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Walked into Swan Dental and the staff were great (nice layout too). Especially to my son who was shy at first but the Doctors made him laugh. Jer was a champ and the cleaning was easy. Thanks for this and we will definitely see you soon.

Stephen Kim –

I just moved to Markham a few months ago and the drive to my old dentist up north was just becoming too much of a hassle, so I tried out Swan dental.First thing I noticed when I walked into this office is just how clean and beatiful it is. I mean WOW, it’s something that you really have to see for yourself. Gleaming floors and really nice decor. Almost has a spa-like feel to it. I received a warm greeting by the front desk receptionist and didn’t wait more than 5 minutes before I was brought in to see the hygienist. The cleaning was thorough and pleasant and I really feel like it was well done. Got my next appointment card and I’ll be back in 3 months.

I’ll definitely be back and I would encourage others to give Swan dental a try.

Frank M. –

I have been to Markham Health Network 3 times, once to see Dr Chopra in the dental office, and twice to visit the walk-in clinic. Both times I saw Dr Rasaratnam in the walk-in. For each visit I had a very short wait time. The office is beautiful, very modern and professional. There is a play room for the kids which is very helpful with a toddler, but we didn’t get much chance to use it since they were so fast. Dr Chopra was very friendly and knowledgeable, and Dr Rasaratnam was very thorough on both occasions. I love being able to visit all of my health professionals in the same office and being able to coordinate visits. I was able to get in at the walk-in right after my dental appointment. There is also a massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist that I have not used but that section is equally well designed and professional. Parking is free too!

Jennifer J. –

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