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Root canals

Root canals are important preventative procedures which help you save money by eliminating the need of future dental implants. Root canals are necessary when a tooth grows infected. Dental infections occur when the tooth tissue in the tooth centre or dental pulp is exposed to tooth decay or trauma. Any food remnant converts into acid which can eat through tooth enamel over time if plaque remains in between your teeth. Dental trauma can also cause an immediate break on the enamel barrier.

Both conditions compromises the tooth enamel as bacteria, decaying foods and other debris enter the pulp chamber and rot the nerves and soft tissue within. If left untreated, the infection grows and spreads through the root, bone and gums around the tooth.

While some may not realize the need of a root canal procedure until a check-up, most are painfully aware of the problem well before an office visit. Early interventions with root canals can save you pain, suffering and money. So keep your visit regularly scheduled and be aware of these signs: Dental pain or swelling, tooth discoloration, foul mouth taste or breath, sensitivity to cold and hot food, recurring pimple-like sores on the gums near the suspected tooth and bleeding gums while brushing.

Proper dental hygiene is key to avoiding procedures such as root canals, however, the most meticulous of patients can need up needing specialized intervention. Make sure to brush, floss and come in for regular checkups, and advise us of any potential issues.

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