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Orthodontics helps correct teeth inconsistencies characterized by uneven spacing between teeth, bite irregularities, and crowding. In most cases, the Orthodontist will use braces and retainers to achieve the desired effects.

Orthodontics entails gradual teeth movement to give them an even and aligned appearance. This is done using braces that are attached to the teeth and adjusted to help the teeth assume the ideal positions on the gums over time. The Orthodontist starts by attaching the brackets to the teeth using special bonding agents. When these are firmly in place, depending on the current positioning of the teeth, arch wires are then passed through the brackets in order to achieve the ideal look. Some pressure is applied so that the teeth can shift position gradually. Minor adjustments may be made during the course of treatment as the teeth move to ensure the pressure applied does not relent until the results are achieved.

Braces are made from different materials to suit different people’s tastes and needs. While most braces are made using metal, others are made using plastic or ceramic. Orthodontists recommend braces made from stainless steel as they are durable, more efficient and comfortable. Braces made using ceramic offer some resistance between the arch wires and brackets, causing additional pressure and discomfort.

Braces are usually worn for 1-3 years depending on the extent of the misalignment. However, removal of the braces is not the end of Orthodontic treatment since the teeth require additional time and support to attach firmly to the gums. This is where retainers come to play. The Orthodontist will design the retainer depending on your teeth structure and give guidelines on how and when to wear them. For instance, some people are required to keep them on for up to a month while others can take them off and apply them at convenient times like when sleeping. They also apply some pressure on the teeth when still new, but this eventually subsides as the teeth establish their position permanently.

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