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Great nutrition is key to exceptional health and general wellbeing. This applies to Dental health, just as it does with any other part of your body. It is important to make wise decisions in regards to your diet.

Diets high in sugar and carbohydrates can lead to increased tooth decay, as they create bacteria that can eat away at the tooth enamel, and increase your risk for bad breath, gingivitis and tooth decay. Sports drinks and sodas are the main culprits for many people, the overuse of these are not only detrimental to your dental health, but can affect your overall health by leading to weight gain and other medical issues.

Vitamin D and Calcium are crucial parts of a healthy diet. Did you know that most people in Canada have a Vitamin D deficiency? This is because we have so little sun exposure on an annual basis. Getting enough Vitamin D is easy, as you can find “D Drops” at any grocery store or pharmacy these days. One little drop can provide you with the Recommended Daily Intake or RDI. Additionally, calcium can be found in many of the foods we eat. Dairy products especially, also many vegetables can help provide you with your RDI. Today there are also many calcium fortified beverages and foods on the market, to ensure you are getting all you need.

Acidic foods can also wreak havoc in your mouth. Many fruits, juices, and again, sugary treats can increase tooth decay.

Eat a diet rich in diverse fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains, and dairy. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day. This helps to ensure increased saliva, important for removing bacteria, and also limits the amount of sugary beverages you consume. Read the labels of the food you buy! Sugar lurks everywhere, and there are many different names for it! Educate yourself about the foods you eat, the vitamins and minerals you need, and where to get them naturally.

At Swan Dental, we can assist you with any questions you have in regards to nutrition and your dental health. Please do not hesitate to ask us at your next checkup!

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