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Having a tooth pulled, or an “extraction” is when, for a variety of reasons, a tooth is removed from a person’s mouth. Although permanent teeth should last a lifetime, in cases such as trauma, decay, or in preparation for orthodontia, teeth are often removed.

Dentists, especially those who specialize in the removal of teeth and other procedures, called “Oral Surgeons” will often begin an extraction by administering an anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth that will be removed. If a patient is to have more than one tooth removed at a time, the Dentist will often give a stronger form of anesthetic or in some case a general anesthetic, which will make the patient sleep throughout the entire procedure.

If a patient has an impacted tooth, the Dentist might need to remove pieces of the gum and bone surrounding the tooth in an effort to remove it. In cases where the tooth is heavily impacted, the Dentist might remove the tooth in pieces.

Swan Dental will always ensure that we are up to date on your medical history before doing a procedure such as this. It is important to always share your full medical information with us when we are using anesthetics and antibiotics. Just as is the case with any open wound, an extraction can result in an infection that is often prevented by the administering of antibiotics both before and after the procedure. We have many different options to help your procedure be as quick and comfortable as possible.

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