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Dental implants

Dental implants can provide renewed confidence, comfort, and a beautiful smile!

At Swan Dental, we have professionals who specialize in dental implants. Your comfort is assured and you can feel confident in the abilities of our staff to provide you with top quality dental implants. Dental implants act just like the root of your natural tooth, eliminating the need for dentures and bridges for many people. The procedure involves grafting the replacement root/tooth to your own dental bone, creating a natural feel and look for the replacement tooth.

The Dentist will first do a full examination to ensure that dental implants are right for you. This involves a medical and dental history, dental examination, and examination of your bones to ensure they can withstand the grafting procedure.

There is a two step procedure for a dental implant. To begin, the Dentist will make an incision in your gum where the implant is to be done. A hole is drilled into the alveolar bone and the dental implant is placed here. Over the next several months, this implant will naturally connect with the alveolar bone. Once this “Osseo-integration” is complete, you will return to the dental office and an abutment and crown will be placed over the implant. This completes the process and you will be left with a very natural looking replacement for your tooth.

Maintenance of dental implants is similar to the maintenance of your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing, paired with regular dental checkups and cleaning are important to ensure good dental and overall health.

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