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Custom Sport Mouthguards

Research shows that custom sport mouthguards not only protect the mouth and teeth, but the jaw and head. The rate of concussion in athletes and children who wear custom mouthguards has been shown to be significantly reduced.

It has been shown that kids who participate in high school football and wear over the counter mouthguards are up to two-times as likely of acquiring traumatic brain injuries.

Countless consumers have always viewed concussions as a rite of passage in physical sports, due to the lack of efficiency in the helmets that their child had been wearing.

The general population thinks a mouth guard is to protect the mouth and the teeth within it. However, studies show a staggering reduction of concussions due to the presence of a custom mouth guard. The central reason that they accomplish this is because they are able to enhance the stabilization of the neck and head and they also do a great job in absorbing the shock that comes with aggressive contact. Custom sports mouth guards fit exactly to the individual’s mouth and teeth, preventing spaces and gaps to minimize this shock.

Many insurance plans will cover the cost of a mouth guard for you or your child. Swan Dental can discuss options with you.

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