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Crowns and Bridges

At Swan Dental, we take our job of restoring and protecting your oral health very seriously. We believe that prevention is the ultimate goal in dentistry, which is why we take a proactive approach in helping our patients attain optimal oral health. It is very important to ensure quick diagnosis and provide effective solutions in regards to dental concerns to prevent further damage and minimize the required treatment.

To achieve this, at Swan Dental we use both traditional and advanced techniques and materials to help restore our patients’ oral health and winning smile. Oral health is not only important for physical appearance, but also overall health.

Crowns and bridges help provide efficient, affordable and aesthetic solutions for missing or weakened teeth. In the case of a dental crown, it helps restore damaged teeth and prevent the need of tooth extraction. Teeth which are weakened from decay or fracture can be strengthened and protected using a crown. These crowns are usually placed over a tooth which has undergone root canal treatment to shield and support it.

How Crowns work

Crowns effectively cover teeth which have worn down or broken, and, in the process, restore the natural tooth’s form and function. Crowns are also placed over teeth adjacent to the gaps to help cover and strengthen the abutment teeth used for anchoring fixed dental bridges. If required, porcelain crowns can be cosmetically used for covering severely discolored and misshaped teeth.

How Bridges work

Dental bridges are fixed, and used for replacing one or more lost teeth. It literally works as a bridge, bridging the gaps in your dental arch. If the gap is not filled using a bridge, the remaining teeth start drifting into the vacant spot. This can lead to various problems in the long run like increased risk of periodontal disease. Moreover, misaligned teeth are difficult to thoroughly clean and any bacteria which remains because of ineffective cleaning affect your oral health. Misaligned teeth can also affect your bite, and, in the process, lead to excessive wear and tear on the opposing teeth.

Crowns and bridges are an affordable option for those with broken and damaged teeth. At Swan Dental, we will work with you to find the appropriate solution for your problems and your budget.

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