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Comprehensive Dental Examinations

When most people think of comprehensive dental examinations, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a checkup. In some cases this is correct. A dental Hygienist might take x-rays, give your teeth a general examination, then clean them. From time to time, however, your Dentist will give you a more comprehensive examination, which will include a look at your entire mouth, head, and neck. He will also probably review your entire medical history, as well as take additional x-rays if he suspects a problem.

Comprehensive examinations are also done frequently when you make your first visit to any Dentist. Even if you have been seeing another Dentist, your new Dentist will want to become familiar with the general state of your health, since this will make it easier for him to notice changes from visit to visit in the future.

Medical History

The most important part of any visit with your Dentist is your medical history. Whether you are asked or not, you should always let your Dentist know of any health problems you have experienced since your last visit. Even if you don’t think that a problem you have had relates to your mouth, mention it anyway since some diseases can seriously affect your teeth and mouth. Diabetes is a good example of this, since developing diabetes can also lead to periodontal disease. Research has also shown that having periodontal disease can lead to higher blood sugar levels. Periodontal disease can also make diabetes more difficult to treat. 

Whenever you see your Dentist, make sure you let them know what medications you are taking as well as dosages since they will need to take that into consideration for some treatments. For example, some health issues will affect the type of anesthesia you can be given. Some medications can cause dry mouth, a problem that can cause an increase in cavities. Knowing what medications you are taken will also alert your Dentist to others he/she might want to prescribe but may cause a negative reaction.

Good comprehensive examinations can go far in assuring you that your Dentist is rendering the best care that can be delivered. Swan Dental takes pride in ensuring we do a full work up for each new patient.

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